A Jolly Christmas Gift Guide For Photographers

Christmas is by far our favorite holiday and one of the main reasons we love it so much is that we get to gift our family and friends with things! Of course, we love the colder weather (some of our favorite shoots have been in the frigid cold), layering clothes, the decorations, going out shopping for gifts, gathering with family and friends, and sipping hot chocolate and eggnog too. Obviously, this year is going to look a little different as far as going out and doing all the things we’d done in the past, but the joy of being able to give someone a thoughtful gift won’t change. We felt like a solid Christmas gift guide for photographers, creatives, and design-minded loved ones was needed.

We often get asked by friends and spouses of photographers, designers, and creatives what to get their loved ones. When I was more actively running my blog for the modern father called Papa & Co., I would make gift guides and they were always the most successful posts and gained millions of pins on Pinterest. So, we like to think we are okay at curating gift lists. Since the rebrand and relaunch for Papa & Co. aren’t finished yet, I thought it would be a good idea to create a Christmas gift guide for photographers, creatives, and design-minded folk in your lives.

We know, it isn’t easy to buy for a creative. They usually have all the tools and gear they need, so instead of listing out a bunch of photo, computer, and design gear, we put together a list of gifts that those who already have all their cameras, illustration tablets, sketch pads, or whatever else they might use to serve their creative duties. Instead, this list is focused on things that will inspire them, bring joy and inspiration to their workspace or home, motivate them to take time for themselves and refresh, or that might spark some new great idea for them. So, from coffee table books to coffee maker to a quick charging USB-C portable battery, there is surely something here to bring joy to the incredible human you are buying for.

Christmas Gift Guide For Photographers and Creatives 2020

Line 1: Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style | Vitruvi Stone Diffuser | Countertop Composter

Line 2: Skateboard | Pour Over Coffee Maker | National Parks Puzzle

Line 3: Watch Cap | Shure Microphone | Kodak Portra 160 (and others)

Line 4: Animalist Print | USB-C Portable Charger | Aesop Book

Line 5: Throw Blanket | Raise Hell, Kid Flag | Treeline Shades

Line 6: Moon Puzzle | The Touch by Kinfolk | Profoto C1 Smartphone Light

Line 7: Selfie/Video Ring Light | Wandrd Fanny Pack | Mochamaster Coffee Maker

Line 8: Outdoor Slippers | Parks Book | Money Tree

Line 9: Incense Burner | Mountain Glass Set | Bird Shelter

Of course, if you are looking for some custom, hand-drawn artwork, Jessica’s other creative outlet, Mother Made shop, is a great stop to make on your online shopping trip!