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We both carry pretty similar lenses most of the time to help keep consistency between our images. We each have our favorites for different reasons, but we always want something sharp, fast and quick to focus.

Both of us find that we prefer prime lenses over zoom lenses. One reason being is that they tend to be sharper and faster to focus. The less the elements in a lens, the less that can go wrong. They also force us to keep moving. Instead of just zooming in, we have to move forward, which we have found, keeps us more involved in what we are doing. Of course, there are times when a zoom lens might be a better option, such as a ceremony where you don't want to bring any attention to yourself.

Here are our favorite lenses:

Fun Fact: Jessica's most used lens is the Sigma 50 and mine is the Canon 35L II.

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Carrying all our gear in something that is functional, comfortable and that looks good is super important to us as well. We each have our own preferences and work for us. We've tried so many different camera bags, straps and harnesses. This list also includes cases for our cards that we love too. On a busy wedding day, it's vital to us to have easily accessible, tough and lightweight bags to lug our gear around.

Here is the list of all the the things we use to carry our gear:

How you carry your gear should be nearly as important as the gear you carry in it. Having the wrong gear to carry it all can make it your experience extremely uncomfortable.

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There are some other items we always bring with us that you might not have thought to bring with. This list includes those, plus how we store/backup our images. From portable speakers to play music and set the mood to SSD hard drives to back up cards and card readers to transfer to a flash light to easily find things in your bag or your way back down a mountain trail to a few handy things you never knew you needed. They are all listed below:

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There are some things we carry with us depending on the season or location we are in. To help keep us and our couples comfortable, we will bring certain items such as hand/foot warmers during the winter or in very cold places. Sometimes we'll bring little fans and some cooling towels during the summer. Items like these are just as important to us to bring as everything else.

Ensuring we keep ourselves and our couples comfortable will ensure that we are creating an atmosphere to allows for magic to happen with the cameras and lenses we carry alongside them.

And that there, is just everything we carry with us on any given shoot, wedding or elopement.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!