New York City Lovers

New York city lovers

A couple weeks ago I (Brett) went up to NYC for a couple shoots. Jess and I love traveling up there to shoot and play, but if I am being honest, it’s kind of weird not going with her, so I try to make myself super busy. That’s exactly what I did. It was sort of insane. Doing just one New York City couples session can be overwhelming in itself, so I should of known doing three would of been a real test. Thankfully, I passed. I think.

It’s rare that we ever actually shoot in the city. We usually shoot over in Brooklyn, but recently we’ve been really enjoying staying over in the LES at The Ludlow Hotel. We just love that area in general. So, for Hannah + Winston’s shoot, we shot in the city and just sorta wandered and explored around. These two cool kids made it even more fun. From shooting in the most unsuspected places in Chinatown to having an entire street/alley to ourselves in Tribeca and then to finding the most amazing and most pink Italian place in Nolita called Pietro Nolita and finally ending it all back at my hotel after grabbing a bite to egg at one of my favorite spots, Egg Shop, it was a great time.

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Song: Richard Edwards – Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’