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Desktop Presets?

01 – Looking Glass

This is our standard go-to mobile preset for just about every situation. Named after one of the most infamous waterfalls in North Carolina. It’s subtle, yet enhances the the colors and depth of  everyday life and gives the highlights some softness.

02 – Nantahala

This one boosts the white a little more and will recover some of those shadows you mind find to be too dark. It’s also subtle, but gives a little more boost and recovery while maintaining the true, vivid colors.

03 – Catawba

Soft and warm. This one evens out highlights and shadows a little more and adds a bit of cozy warmth, but keeps skin tones more natural and attractive. Love using this one already moody images, window light or images with strong highlight and shadows differences.

04 – Linville

Like the gorge, this one has slightly more green in the shadows, but is easy on the greens in the highlights. Slightly more desaturated with a little bump to the highlights. Wildly consistent with the others, but we love to use these on interiors with good light and more scenic shots, but perfect just just about any scenario.

05 – Le Conte

This one was built for the more minimal shots. Products, interiors, lay flats, etc. It’s the perfect accessory preset to keep your feed consistent when you sprinkling in those type of shots. Slightly muted and soft, but not overly desaturated.

BW 01 – Guyot

The warmer of the two black and whites. A little more moody and vibey. Typically our go-to for black and whites when we want to bring that moodiness into a photo. Similar to our Pisgah black and white in the desktop collection.

BW 02 – Cherokee

Classic and simple. Great for shots with lots of haze or darker, flat photos, but a solid go to for anything you want black and white. Similar to our Hawksbill black and white in the desktop collection.


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