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B&J 01 – Elk

This is our standard go-to preset for just about every situation. Named after the town of Banner Elk, NC where we met almost 14 years ago. It’s subtle, yet enhances the colors and depth of  everyday life and gives the highlights some softness.

B&J 02 – Roan

Roan packs a little more punch, but keeps true to the colors so to stay consistent with Elk. We use this one for images that are are a little more flat right out the camera or ones that have a little too much sun flare or haze.

B&J 03 – Balsam

Balsam is the most extreme of all three color presets. Named after one of our favorite places to visit and shoot, Black Balsam Knob, it brings deeper greens and shadows and the warmth plays off the other earth tones to finish it off. Used frequently on images shot in the fog, forests and brown tones balds.

B&J 01BW – Pisgah

A timeless black and white that works for just about every situation. Slightly warmed, evened out highlights and shadows with just enough punch to add depth.

B&J 02BW – Hawksbill

A moodier black and white that brings all of the vibes of sitting atop the overhanging cliffs looking over the Linville Gorge. Versatile for mountain scenes, city streets, cozy windows seating, and everywhere in between.


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