Linville Gorge/Hawksbill Mountain Engagement

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It’s not everyday that couples are willing to make a hike like this one, but Caitlen + Matthew were all for it. To make their Hawksbill Mountain engagement session happen, we met up with them in Wilkesboro and carpooled out to the beautiful Linville Gorge out past Boone, NC. It’s a beautiful landscape that Jessica and I used love visiting while we were in college. The hike isn’t all that hard, but when you add in the weight of photo gear, change of clothes for the couple and of course, you also don’t want anyone to work up too much of a sweat, it’s definitely one of those a lot might pass on. To us, it’s always totally worth it. Making memories and having time to really connect with our couples is a big part of our process, which is why we often try to make our engagement sessions based on something exciting, adventurous and beautiful. So thankful that Caitlen + Matthew made this trek and as you can see, it was all totally worth it.

Can’t hardly wait for Caitlen + Matthew’s wedding at Overlook Barn next month!

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Lovely! and I am in love with this mountains!