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        Your wedding is a part
        of your story.

        It's a tale about the romance shared between you both. It's about the friendships, family and experiences all coming together. We use all of that to create a visual narrative you'll be able to hold on to and share with your children, grandchildren and each other forever. The goal of our work is to capture these stories, frame them neatly, and tell them back to you.

        If you’re planning a wedding in Raleigh or Asheville, check out our list of venues and planning guide.


        We have found it best to start with the sunset time on your wedding day and build the timeline from there since the light is everything.

        2017-raleigh-Brett & Jessica Photography | Asheville wedding photographer

        Hands down, light is the number one concern for any photographer and likely the least of concerns for most couples. Let us go ahead and make sure we emphasize it well now.. we guarantee that light is going to affect more than the photographs and at the same time, it can make or break a photo at times. Even if the moment is beautiful and genuine, if the lighting isn’t great, it’s going to lack that last key part vs a moment that is beautiful and genuine that happens in good light. If you sat those two examples side by side, we are 99.99% sure you’d pick the one with the better lighting. In general, you’ll need to think about where the light is coming from during the ceremony, especially if it is outdoors. This can be tricky, but you really do not want the light to be coming in too strong right on your faces while you are trying to read your vows.

        We would advise you to try and find a nice shady spot for the ceremony, but be careful of hot spots coming through trees, if that is where you find the shade. If you cannot find a spot with shade, then the next most ideal situation would be to have the sun behind your officiant.

        If and when possible, it’s always a good idea to try and have your ceremony start closer to sunset vs earlier in the day. This is even more important during the summer. The higher the sun is, the harsher the light will be. If you plan a ceremony something like 3 or 4p in July or August, first of all, your guests will be miserable and secondly, the sun will be way too high and create harsher shadows on faces. It will also cause your guests to have to squint more and your reception will likely be happening during the daylight hours.

        Raleigh and Asheville Wedding Planners

        We love a good wedding planner. If you truly feel you don't need a full on planner, at the very least, hire one for day of coordination. They will allow you to have a completely stress free experience. This takes a ton of pressure of you, your family and off of us. This allows you and your family to live in the moment and not have to worry and it allows us to not have to be responsible for gathering up family, bridal party, etc. and making sure things are running on schedule, which frees us up to focus on documenting your day with our full focus. Below are the ones we recommend.