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        Gina + Sam’s shoot was featured on Inspired By This!

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        It is deeply inspiring and heartwarming how we can sit down to meet people for the first time, chat for a bit and, a mere few hours later, bid them ado and all of a sudden, they are the furthest thing from strangers. That’s how it went down with Gina and Sam. Getting to know them was so effortless and even though we don’t do shoots like this often, it was definitely worth our while. We loved being given the privilege of doing this shoot for them and can honestly see many more of these kinds of shoots in our future. Families are what its all about and growing ones are simple precious. Baby Brooks made his way into the world earlier this month and we couldn’t be more ecstatic for this sweet little family.

        Totally in agreement with your statement, “Families are what its all about..” Beautiful! I love these! πŸ˜‰ Heartwarming… πŸ™‚ Hope to see more sessions like these on your website! LOVE!

        Oh, goodnesssssssss!!! I can only hope to be this lovely if/when I have a wee babe in my belly! Love this session–so relaxed and sweet and special.

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