A Look Back on 2014

We are going to miss 2014 like whoa. We loved it but kinda wanna be mad at it for flying by so quickly. Taking a look back at 2014 gives us such a sense of appreciation and makes us feel so incredibly full of excitement, gratitude, love and happiness. To all the couples and wonderful people who let us take their photograph and granted us with their trust and support, and to everyone we’ve been blessed to grow closer to throughout the past year, we are supremely thankful for you. To all our new friends and to those who follow us and keep up with our comings and goings, we seriously love you and hope and pray that you continue to keep up with us as we experience the new lessons and adventures the new year and beyond have in store for us..

And now, here’s just a taste of what made 2014 a specifically memorable and awesome year..

  • We launched our new branding by our dear friends, Good South.
  • Featured on: weddings on Ruffled, Bridal Musings (1, 2), The Lovely Find, an elopement featured on Ever Ours, a family shoot on Little Bellows and lifestyle shoots on The Fresh Exchange, Camille Styles. Had a big feature in print in Southern Weddings Magazine.
  • Travel: Traveled to the Finger Lakes in NY to shoot a wedding there. Hiked to the summit  of three mountains with couples and cameras in tow with a total combined elevation of 18,073 ft. Shot an amazing elopement at the base of a waterfall and Jessica got to be an official “witness” and signed their marriage license. Traveled to and shot in New York, Virginia, Washington, D.C., South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland and all over North Carolina. Went to Brooklyn where we celebrated 4 years of marriage and shot an engagement shoot.
  • Welcomed a new beautiful baby niece, Arbor.
  • Jessica shot for Deeply Rooted Magazine.
  • Brett bought his dream car (a black ’95 Range Rover County Classic).
  • Hosted our Autumnal Gathering back in November where 30 of our closest friends in the industry gathered on Jessica’s papas land.

It’s an amazing reality to embrace the fact here and now that some of our best memories, favorite road trips, and life changing experiences are still ahead. The world hasn’t been explored enough. Our babies haven’t been born yet. Our new home hasn’t been bought yet.

Our push for this year is to cultivate a strong grasp on our senses of awareness, intentionality, introspection and authenticity. To get healthier in mind, body and soul. To establish better financial habits. To take on more personal interests that fulfill us to max. To have more dance parties, even it’s just the two of us at home. To go to more shows and see more ballets. To expand our horizons. To bring a more personable dialog to the blog. To complain less and consciously appreciate more out loud. To get out of our own way and let life move us more freely. To nurture friendships and relationships that we treasure most. To find and build connections with our clients that last.

We’d love to hear some things that you are working on this year! Leave a comment and teach us something or just say hi!

Okay, we’ll stop there and get to the photos! Here are some (actually, a lot) of photos from this past year:

recap 1100recap 250recap 310recap 410recap 510recap 610recap 710recap 810recap 910recap 1010recap 1110recap 1210recap 1310recap 1410recap 1510recap 1610recap 1710recap 1810recap 1910recap 2010recap 2110recap 2210recap 2310recap 2410recap 251recap 261recap 271recap 281recap 291recap 301recap 311recap 321recap 331recap 341recap 351recap 361recap 371recap 381recap 391recap 401recap 411recap 421recap 431recap 441recap 451recap 461recap 471recap 481recap 491recap 511recap 521recap 531recap 541recap 551recap 561recap 571recap 581recap 591recap 601recap 611recap 621recap 631recap 641recap 651recap 661recap 671recap 6812recap 691recap 701recap 711recap 721recap 731recap 741recap 751recap 761recap 771recap 781recap 791recap 801recap 811recap 821recap 831recap 841recap 851recap 861recap 871recap 881recap 891recap 901recap 911recap 921recap 931recap 941recap 951recap 961recap 971recap 501recap 981recap 991recap 1001recap 1011recap 1021recap 1031recap 1041recap 1051recap 1061recap 1071recap 1081recap 1091recap 1101recap 1111recap 1121recap 1131recap 1141recap 1151recap 1161recap 1171recap 1181recap 1191recap 1201recap 1211recap 1221recap 1231recap 1241recap 1251recap 1261recap 1271recap 1281recap 1291recap 13011recap 1311recap 1321recap 1331recap 1341recap 1351recap 1361recap 1371recap 1381recap 1391recap 1401recap 1411recap 1421recap 1431recap 1441recap 1451recap 1461recap 1471recap 1481recap 1491recap 1501recap 1511recap 1521recap 1531recap 1541recap 1551recap 1561recap 1571recap 1581recap 1591recap 1601recap 1611recap 1621recap 1631recap 1641recap 1651recap 1661recap 1671recap 1681recap 1691recap 1701recap 1711recap 1721recap 1731recap 1741recap 1751recap 1761recap 1771recap 1781recap 1791recap 1801recap 1811recap 1821recap 1831recap 1841recap 1851recap 1861recap 1871recap 1881recap 1891recap 1901recap 1911recap 1921recap 1931recap 1941recap 1951recap 1961recap 1971recap 1981recap 1991recap 2001recap 2011recap 2021recap 2031recap 2041recap 2051recap 2061recap 2071recap 2081recap 2091recap 2101recap 2111recap 2121recap 2131recap 2141recap 2151recap 2161recap 2171recap 2181recap 2191recap 2201recap 2211recap 2221recap 2231recap 2241recap 2251recap 2261recap 2271recap 2281recap 2291recap 2301recap 2311recap 2321recap 2331recap 2341recap 2351recap 2361recap 2371recap 2381recap 2391recap 2401recap 2411recap 2421recap 2431recap 2441recap 2451recap 2461recap 2471recap 2481recap 2491