Amy  + Thomas’ wedding is also featured on Style Me Pretty. Be sure to check it out to learn more about their wedding!

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Honestly. We truly found ourselves feeling right at home as soon as we arrived to shoot Amy & Thomas’ wedding. I mean it was literally like we we’re at our very own MeMa & Papa’s house as the bustle of preparations for the day were carried out. The tight quarters and a house so hot you could call it a sauna, seemed to make it all the more familiar. We felt so blended in and loved every second of it. Amy & Thomas went all out with their thrifting and are obviously amazing at “picking” antiques. They dug up everything all themselves, even those beautiful church pews. The day couldn’t have gone off more without a hitch without our friend, Pricilla and her team with Orangerie Events hard work. It was so great being a part of the team and watching Amy & Thomas’ dream wedding that they had prepared themselves so well for, unfold before our eyes. It was an amazing day and we are incredibly thankful for the honor to be there to capture all the love.